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"Dr. T….Thanks for all your wonderful  work!!!"
Deb    "My Sweetie now has gorgeous  teeth!!!"

That’s our goal!!!!!!!!!! Every one of our patients has their own thoughts about what they want and knowing that, Dr. Tawfik believes this statement to be true ”The best smile for you is the one that you and your loved ones think is great.” We are not here to tell you what you need to look like. We are dedicated to establishing and maintaining the best Smile for you.

We believe in Smiles that are comfortable to the particular personality of each of our patients. Everyone here will always work with you to determine what your specific dental interests and needs might be, and to effectively create a plan that will make that be the result in a conservative, pleasant and affordable manner.

Throughout the process, we will remain devoted to making all the times you spend in our office comfortable and a bit of a retreat from the bustle of the city. By so doing, we hope to minimize any hesitation that may be preventing you from your Dental Care whether it’s simple and routine or complex and extensive.

We would love to see you here for any and all of your Dental needs. We would also invite you to feel free to come in and meet us anytime you’re in the area.

We are located on the 26th floor of the Historical Treasure and Currently Beautiful 450 Sutter Building.

It is intuitively understood that the health of our mouth is connected to the health of our whole body. In the past few years, the connections between the two have been focused upon by the world’s medical and scientific communities. An active search for all the specific links is ongoing and will continue.

Our job is to do as much as possible to bring, and very importantly maintain, our mouths to a healthy well functioning condition. This is a worthy goal in and of itself. However, intuitively as well as scientifically, it is a goal that will benefit much of our overall health.

‘…Thanks Dr. T!!! six years ago, I was told to extract my teeth and to this day I still have all of them and they are healthy and beautiful, according to my recent periodontal exam.’ Gabriel.

Because of the periodontal/cardiovascular connection, Dr. Tawfik places a huge emphasis on managing your periodontal health in a manner that makes sense to you and what you are hoping to achieve.

So, are you in search of Optimal Health?? How about the concept of Good Health?? Or, are you simply interested in maintaining the level you have already established?? Whichever one of these best describes you, the importance of keeping your Dental Health in good standing is undeniable.

Allow us to be part of your Health Team. We are happy to welcome you to our office.

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